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Is Nomad Legal a law firm?

No. Nomad Legal is NOT a law firm and does not offer legal advice. There are plenty of lawyers for that sort of thing! Nomad Legal provides agreement forms and templates for customization in a variety of industries. There is no substitute for formal legal advice, as every agreement and contractual relationship is unique, so Nomad Legal should not be considered as a substitute for traditional legal advice.

Why was Nomad Legal formed?

Nomad Legal agreements were drafted by litigation attorneys whose job it is to dismantle how problems began, how they ended up in court and how they can be resolved. Litigation is not only stressful for the parties, it can be extremely costly. Many court cases can be avoided if the parties had a general written understanding of their agreement. Not only is a written agreement beneficial if one party breaches, it can be essential to avoiding litigation as many of the positions parties take in court are due to ambiguity surrounding the terms of the agreement.

What makes Nomad Legal Agreement forms different from other legal form providers?

Nomad Legal Agreement forms offer a wide degree of customization, making them exponentially more flexible than the basic forms that some other legal form providers offer. Customization is incredibly important when using agreement forms as the ability to memorialize the terms of your unique agreement are contingent upon the flexibility of the form. This customization includes Nomad Legal's flexible enforcement provision options, including a choice of online arbitration or the judicial enforcement jurisdiction of your choice. Additionally, while some other online legal form providers make you pay per use, Nomad Legal Agreement forms can be used over and over again with one purchase by the purchaser. These characteristics make Nomad Legal vastly superior and exponentially more economical for freelancers and digital nomads.

How can I enforce my Agreement if the other party breaches?

Good question! When you purchase most Nomad Legal Agreements, you will get two versions of the form. The first version provides for online dispute resolution up to $15,000.00 in damages by Fair Claims, the world’s leading online dispute resolution provider. The advent of online Arbitration is a game changer for global dispute resolution, as any dispute that arises can be handled from anywhere in the world online and the prevailing party receives a court enforceable Arbitrator’s award. This option is ideal for digital nomads and location independent freelancers who often contract with third-parties in other countries while sipping on a coconut in Bali!

For more information on the Fair Claims process please visit them at:

*Nomad Legal is not affiliated with Fair Claims.

The second version of Nomad Legal agreements can be tailored to serve the jurisdictional needs of the parties to the agreement. The parties can choose the Country or State they wish to enforce the agreement in the event of breach. This is handy for freelancers who are domiciled in one place, where the parties are both located in the same country or State, or where the amount of damages are higher than the current Fair Claims arbitration threshold of $15,000.00.

As always, if you are unsure which version of the Form is best for your unique purpose, seek appropriate legal advice!

Whichever version you choose to utilize, Nomad Legal has you covered and currently offers the most common general agreements encountered by freelances and nomads around the world, with more agreements in the works!

How do I fill out a Nomad Legal Agreement?

Each Nomad Legal Agreement has fillable PDF fields built-in, so the user can input their unique terms into each agreement. You can simply go through your PDF filling in your desired specifics and when complete you will have a personally tailored agreement that reflects your unique agreement. When you hover your mouse pointer over each field, a handy reminder will appear notating what information you should fill into that specific field.

What if I have very specific details I need to add to the Agreement?

We got you covered! In addition to the customization fields within the 4 corners of the agreement, most agreements have an Exhibit A attached, which allows for further customization. It is recommended that if you have a very complicated agreement to memorialize that you seek legal advice to determine the best manner to achieve your written understanding.

What format are Nomad Legal Agreements in?

All Nomad Legal agreements are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDF’s (portable document format). Once purchased each agreement can be filled out by using PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For more information on Adobe Acrobat reader or to download check out:

Once I purchase a Nomad Legal Agreement, can I use it more than once?

Absolutely! Once you purchase one of our products it is yours to keep and reuse as many times as you wish. For example, if you are a consultant and you purchase our Nomad Legal Consultant Agreement, you can use it every time you get a new client. Over time you will get accustomed to the agreement form and will be able to fire off new agreements in no time!

What if there are boilerplate terms in the Agreement that I need to change?

The purpose of Nomad Legal is to provide basic and general agreements in the most common subject areas encountered by Freelancers and Digital Nomads. It is not a substitute for an organically drafted and Agreement. That being said, the attached Exhibit A to most agreements allows the parties to further describe the most important aspects of the agreement terms allowing for further customization and tailoring to the specific agreement.

Can I use an online electronic signature to execute the Agreement?

Yes! We recommend:



HelloSign: (has a free option)

*Nomad Legal is not affiliated with any of the above referenced electronic signature providers.

Not into electronic signatures? Simply email or share your Nomad Legal Agreement with the other party and they can sign it the old (electronic) fashion way!