What is Nomad Legal and How Do I Use the Forms?

Legal Templates

Nomad Legal offers for purchase written agreement forms specifically created for Freelancers and Digital Nomads who have unique concerns when it comes to protecting their arrangements. Each template comes as a fillable PDF (Potable Document File) form allowing for extremely easy customization.

Most Nomad Legal Agreements come in two PDF versions where indicated and when applicable. The first version has an Online Dispute Resolution Provision and the second version has a Governing Law Provision.

Both versions are included with most Nomad Legal Agreements allowing for maximum flexibility and long term use.

What is the Difference in the Versions?

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(1) Online Dispute Resolution Provision:

Version 1 of most Nomad Legal Agreements have a dispute resolution provision mandating for online arbitration with FairClaims (http://www.FairClaims.com) in the event of breach. Fair Claims in an online arbitration provider based in Los Angeles, California. (Nomad Legal is not affiliated with FairClaims)

Online dispute resolution is a game changer for digital nomads and location independent freelancers as instead of getting involved in a costly court case somewhere in the world or being prevented from enforcing your agreement due to geographic restriction, the aggrieved party can initiate an arbitration online from anywhere in the world.

FairClaims currently has a limit of $15,000.00 in damages for all online Arbitration. While this is usually sufficient for most agreements, Version 2 of most Nomad Legal Agreements come with a governing law provision that can be used for higher stake controversies in a Court of competent jurisdiction of the parties choosing.

(2) Governing Law Provision:

Version 2 of most Nomad Legal Agreements have a governing law provision instead of a online Arbitration provision. This allows the parties to choose which State or Country's Court system they desire to have jurisdiction over the agreement. Version 2 is useful for a variety of reasons including: the parties do not wish to Arbitrate online; the parties are located in the same State or Country and they wish to use the Court system to enforce their agreement; or, if the amount of damages may exceed the current Fair Claims damage threshold as mentioned above.

As always, if you are unsure which version of the Form is best for your unique purpose, seek appropriate legal advice!

A location independent or freelance way of life necessitates flexible protection when it comes to protecting your business and Nomad Legal is here to help.

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